My own book series

So time for a little bit of self promotion.

I’m the author of a book series called HIGH WATER.

It’s martial arts meets zombies meets kung fu, and Part 1, short and sweet, can be found here:

Here’s a review from a satisfied reader:

As I was reading through the third chapter of this short book, I was starting to get angry. It just kept reminding me that I’m completely out of weed, and had me desperately scorching the bottom of my caked bowl as I read on. I cannot imagine a more perfect book for a stoner to read, and not just because all the main characters are stoners. It’s also hilarious, full of ridiculously gorey, eye-popping Kung Fu action, a surprisingly believable premise, and characters I swear I know from real life. R. W. Tucker is a talented new writer, and he’s set up a fresh new zombie story that I can’t wait to keep reading.

Right now we’re two books into the series, and I’m working on book three at the moment. It’s a bear, but I’m looking forward to completing the story.

Hope to hear your thoughts on it soon!

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