Not fiction: Corrected Nomenclature for Cannabis

I doubt this will catch on, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The explanation:

McPartland was the first researcher to look at the genetic markers on the three subspecies of cannabis using the plant’s genome to conclusively identify where it originated. He also proved conclusively that they are all the same species, just different subspecies. As it turns out, C. sativa should have been identified as C. indica, because it originated in India (hence indica). C. indica should have been identified as C. afghanica, because it actually originated in Afghanistan. Finally, it seems that C. ruderalis is actually what people mean when they refer to C. sativa.

Corrected Vernacular for Cannabis

What amazes me on a consistent basis is repeating mistakes of the past. A simple category error forty years old gave birth to a pseudo scientific patois.

My prediction is that this won’t catch on until the market is brought above board and American academia gets a good look at the plant. Even then, this corrected naming convention might only be effective in those academic circles.

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