[Non-Fiction] Jamaica leading cannabis charge against international treaties binding US and others

I think their confidence is fantastic:

“Jamaica intends to participate, and to lead, if necessary, a process in the United Nations to have those treaties amended or to reflect what I believe is the evidence that is available, and take those fully into account in the international treaties as they now exist,” he said.

The industry minister noted that Jamaica has a reputation in the international community as a legal nation and has the requisite skills and know-how to lead a diplomatic effort to have the laws and treaties changed.

Even having one, small nation committed to leading the charge against international regulations about cannabis is promising.

The Controlled Substances act in the United States specifically refers to a set of international treaties. At the moment, in language and in spirit, those treaties match the position of the US federal government with regard to cannabis.One frequently sees international treaties used as a scapegoat against changing federal law.

While I think the Jamaican development is great, my home country, the USA, ignores its treaty obligations on a fairly regular basis. It also is not party to treaties that span the globe.

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