[Review] Coping with Common Garden Pests by Will Kaufman


West Side Slug Life by Andrew Ferneyhough

“West Side Slug Life” by Andrew Ferneyhough

This one is a short read, but man is it chilling. I found it on the “Weird Fiction” subreddit, and it’s a fresh new piece for horror and science fiction fans. It also possesses a literary flavor that I enjoyed. The plurals were a ton of fun.

The telling of the strange story definitely reminds me of Lovecraft, down to the avoidance of the most awful things in the author’s field of vision. Gardening is one of my favorite past times, so I appreciated the author’s nod to the perilous side of the hobby.

This fantastic little story is absolutely free on the Unlikely Story online magazine. You can’t beat the price of admission. Definitely want to see more from this author. Also check out Unlikely Story for other stories of the bizarre.

Verdict: Worth a bowl and scroll.

ETA: Thanks to Brni for correcting me on the publishing outlet here. Unlikely Story was the publisher, Kaufman the author! My mistake.

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3 thoughts on “[Review] Coping with Common Garden Pests by Will Kaufman

  1. brni says:

    Thanks, we really liked that one as well. Just a small correction: Unlikely Story is an online magazine, and the only relationship between us and Will is that we’ve published one of his stories.


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