[Interview] Tyler Haas of Tumble Dry Comics

Happy to put up our interview with Tyler Haas of Tumble Dry Comics, which we reviewed here. His website, chock full of animated entertainment, is here: http://tumbledrycomics.com/  He’s building an entertainment empire, and we’re glad to catch him on the upswing.
So without further discussion, here’s his answers to burning questions.

RWTWhat made you decide to start drawing stoner-related comics?

Bonus frames from “Change of Plans” http://tumbledrycomics.com/comics/change-of-plans/

TH: It sort of came about as a natural combination of two hobbies. I started smoking weed a year into art school, as art school rules dictate. I was taking classes on comics and cartooning, and at the same time I was frequenting 420chan and other weed-related message boards. You’d see these MS-Paint drawn comics that were so charming and hilarious that you wanted to keep coming back to read them again, and eventually I wanted to try it myself.
RWT: You’ve got a talent for making mundane things about smoking funny. How does it help your art? Do you illustrate under the influence, or mix it up?

TH: One of the best things about making comics about smoking weed is that it lends itself so well to exaggeration and playfulness. Going on a snack run or losing your lighter aren’t particularly exciting in and of themselves, but when you’re there and you’re completely buttered, it feels like some great adventure. Mundane scenarios have so much more gravitas when you’re high and trying to illustrate the difference is what makes them fun. Most of my comic ideas are the product of falling down that rabbit hole of high thoughts; I usually work sober though, I get too distracted otherwise!

RWT: Who are your artistic influences?

TH: I’ve always liked John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy, and Alex Pardee. They both have this great ability to illustrate characters that are somehow both adorable and disturbing. You look at it and you think, “Wow! That’s kind of cute. Please get it away from me.” A lot of the humor in shows like Ren & Stimpy is visual gags, and I try to do the same in a lot of my comics; sometimes there isn’t a punchline so much as just a (hopefully) funny picture in the last frame (Ed: hyperlink is mine).

RWT: What’s it take to make it these days as an artist?

TH: That’s a good question, and I’d love to know the answer myself! Seriously though, I guess like every other art medium you just have to be dedicated. There’s a million ways to entertain yourself these days and trying to rise above a billion other creative people is rough going sometimes. Did you know they don’t just start mailing you checks as soon as you start a webcomic? But I like to think if you are really proud of what you make, it shows, and people can’t help but take notice of art that’s made with love.

RWT: From talking with your collaborators @ChronicComics, you’re moving into the big time. Can you give a little explanation of the new project? 

TH: Sure. Chronic Comics is the brainchild of my collaborator Zach and me. The aim is to take the sorts of stories you tell your friends while you’re passing a bowl around and give them a professional, comic treatment. I reached out to him on Reddit when I saw he was looking for an artist to illustrate some stories, and after bouncing around some ideas we settled on what exactly we wanted to make: a comic that speaks to smokers, with short stories, recurring characters, and full-color art. Like a coffee-table book for stoners. We’re working on the first issue now and putting together a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground! (Ed note: we’ll post about the Kickstarter and the project when it’s live)

RWT: Indica, sativa, or hybrids?

TH: Indica! There’s nothing better than settling down after a long day and melting into your couch like it’s that spaghetti monster from the first Harry Potter.

That’s it for the interview with Tyler. Dude is a great sport, and is definitely going places. I was going to include more screencaps of his comics, but they are just too good to rip off like that. You can find him at http://tumbledrycomics.com/

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