The purpose of this blog is to be the destination for anyone interested in weed’s place in popular (or unpopular) fiction.

Stoners are often characterized unfairly: as people that don’t read much, or couldn’t care less about the written word. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cannabis consumers number in the millions, and are just as varied and diverse as the regular population.

As the herb becomes legal and moves from being demonized to being embraced, this blog will be the place examining an emergent genre: pot fiction.

We’ll feature interviews with authors writing cannabis-heavy stories. Books, new and old, good and subpar, will be reviewed, with an eye toward capturing weed’s role in the story.

Thanks for coming by!

Contact us at high dot water dot novel with gmail.


Note: all material on this site is Copyrighted by RW Tucker. Any questions about its fair use can be directed to him.

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