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DEVIL WEED, a marijuana horror story, is FREE until Halloweed!

Hey everyone! Long time no see. That’s right, you can get my horror novella for FREE until Saturday at midnight!


If you like disgusting, vile stories of horror and the macabre, you’re going to love this one about a killer strain of weed.

Stay tuned for more updates. Lots of publishing coming very soon, I haven’t stopped working to bring you awesome pot fiction entertainment.

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[Non-Fiction] Jamaica leading cannabis charge against international treaties binding US and others

I think their confidence is fantastic:

“Jamaica intends to participate, and to lead, if necessary, a process in the United Nations to have those treaties amended or to reflect what I believe is the evidence that is available, and take those fully into account in the international treaties as they now exist,” he said.

The industry minister noted that Jamaica has a reputation in the international community as a legal nation and has the requisite skills and know-how to lead a diplomatic effort to have the laws and treaties changed.

Even having one, small nation committed to leading the charge against international regulations about cannabis is promising.

The Controlled Substances act in the United States specifically refers to a set of international treaties. At the moment, in language and in spirit, those treaties match the position of the US federal government with regard to cannabis.One frequently sees international treaties used as a scapegoat against changing federal law.

While I think the Jamaican development is great, my home country, the USA, ignores its treaty obligations on a fairly regular basis. It also is not party to treaties that span the globe.

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Interview: Mara K Eton, author of “The Hypocrites”

We’re very excited to have had a chance to talk to Mara K Eton. We reviewed her book and loved it. In the niche that is Pot Fiction, her contribution is one of the best we’ve encountered yet.

The interview was pretty dynamic, and Mara was willing to answer some “encore” questions after the fact. Hope you enjoy!

You can find her book wherever ebooks are sold and also on her website.

Pot Fiction, RW Tucker: Why did you decide to anchor the narrative in the rehab group? https://i0.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31EfbOKEPXL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Mara K Eton: It was only after I finished writing Cracked Eggs [Ed. the short story that inspired the rest of the book] did I decide I’d like to explore the lives of other people involved with the meeting. I started the project with the intention of just writing a short story. I was thrilled to have finished a short story. It had been several years of unfinished stories and half-assed ideas that went nowhere. After a couple edits, I realized that Sean and her story would be a good starter for a collection of stories as other characters from the meeting potentially felt more dynamic to me.

RWT: Is there anything behind the name of the town the book is set in? Did Kansas have a hemp industry at one time?

ME: The name of the town, Hempstead, is definitely a kind of “wink, wink” to Kansas’ history of growing industrial hemp in the early 1900s. While there is no such town in Kansas named Hempstead, there is in New York.

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Comic Review: Tumble Dry Comics

Tumble Dry Comics, by Tyler Haas: http://tumbledrycomics.com/

There’s a lot of webcomics out there, even some for stoners. I haven’t found one as dedicated to stoner-dom as Tumble Dry Comics. There’s some great stuff here if you’re a stoner, and even better stuff if you’re into gaming and Star Trek.

Leci n'est pas un bong

A play on “This is Not a Pipe” by surrealist Rene Margritte. Source: Tumble Dry Comics, http://tumbledrycomics.com/comics/the-travesty-of-waterpipes/

You get hilarious goofball comics, like “Free Range“, about the mysterious disappearing property of lighters.

Others are a little more thoughtful, like the “420 Easter“, which is tongue-in-cheek, but for the last frame that makes the experienced stoner cringe.

There’s also at least one multi-part series, like “The Quest“, which involves a lot of fun scrolling when you’re a little baked.

You can’t go wrong with this guy. The art is full of color, loud and in in-your-face, like one of my favorites, involving a bunch of screaming dinosaurs in “Extinction“. I’ve seen that one at least a half dozen times now, and the middle frames still make me laugh out loud. FAAAAAAAAAA…..!

If you mess around on reddit enough, you’re sure to run into Tyler Haas’ work, and it’s almost universally praised by the stoner community that’s encountered it.

My final verdict: for the price of admission, definitely worth a bowl and a scroll.

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Thank Jah it’s Friday.

LQlejnFHappy friday, ya’ll.

Semi-accurate depiction of my upcoming weekend.

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[Non-Fiction] Link between pot smoking and manic behavior, study suggests

I found a link between manic behavior and working a full time job. Where’s my article?

CW39 NewsFix

[ooyala code=”MzNHRiczpzStsqI6uaLLMYxg3T3xHIOr” player_id=”f2605fb46a6e47afab7be3fd7032bb72″]

COVENTRY, England – British scientists say they’ve found a significant link between marijuana use and manic behavior. And, teenagers are especially vulnerable to the effects of pot, they say.

The research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders looked at what pot does to people who have certain behaviors.

Their study of 2,000 people found that smoking weed can precede or coincide with manic episodes, such as anger, along with aggressive or violent behavior.

Smoking pot was also associated with depression, and a reduced need to sleep resulting from hyper-activity.

They also found that some pot smokers had episodes of delusion, and sometimes they heard voices.

But, apparently there was no evidence that getting high made you crazy.

The researchers were particularly concerned with teenagers, because smoking pot during that critical stage in their development could lead to problems on down the road.

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[Non-fiction] “Not minding that it hurts”: Marijuana as a “pain distracter”

With Lawrence in Arabia.jpg

“With Lawrence in Arabia” by Lowell Thomas (photographer) – Lowell Thomas. “With Lawrence in Arabia”, book is in public-domain, full text available at Archive.org; originally from University of Toronto. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Where do THC and Lawrence of Arabia meet? You’ll find out in a minute. This post is going to outline the pain distraction effects of the marijuana plant’s active compounds, specifically THC.

First, a little background on the state of medical marijuana and the current zeitgeist around CBDs.

Charlotte’s Web, a homegrown variety of marijuana documented in Sanjay Gupta’s CNN series, is a CBD-heavy strain that has found successful medical application for people suffering seizures. You could argue that Charlotte’s Web is now just as ingrained in the national consciousness as Maui Wauie. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is famous for its anti inflammatory effects and relatively low psychotropic impact. Strains heavy in CBDs, like Charlotte’s Web, are the go-to variety for treating children. It’s seen as unacceptable that children should experience any psychotropic effects from the drugs they consume. I’m not going to belabor that point here, even though it’s a little ridiculous considering some of the garbage shoved down kids throats, like sugar and caffeine. Continue reading

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