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The High Water trilogy is complete

Wow! It’s been a few years of putting this together, and now we’re complete. It feels good.



This series started with an idea: what would a bunch of kung fu loving stoners do in a zombie apocalypse?

By the time I got to the third novel, there were Amish zealots, ancient conspiracies, villains becoming heroes, and heroes losing their innocence. Zombies became the most mundane part. The characters came to life in my mind. It became a story of friendship, love, and the mutual adoration of a substance that makes life a little better.

This was the series where I really found my writing chops. The people in the story went from one dimensional characters with funny one liners in High Water, to people struggling with real adversity in High Water: Low Point, to people struggling with the end of the world in Hang ‘Em High.

I’ve moved on to other book series at this point, but High Water will always be the story that launched my foray into literature. Zombie novels are a dime a dozen, but I think I made something special, and I’ll always be proud of it.

Thanks for your support, as always!

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[Announcement] High Water now in Paperback

Greetings readers!

I’ve been very busy writing instead of blogging, because if I have time for one, I will focus on the writing.

In my spare time, I’ve been finishing up the PAPERBACK VERSION of High Water.


This is incredibly exciting. I’m selling it for about as cheap as I can possibly make it. Part 2, High Water: Low Point, will be available in paperback very soon as well.

At the same time, I’ve also finished a draft of Part 3, which should be available as an ebook and a paper copy by the end of the year.

Thanks for your support, and hope to see your (honest) review on Amazon soon.

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In the midst of a writing vortex!

I’m currently working on a few things at once. It’s making my head spin, but I’m glad I’m in a prolific state of mind!

  1. Part 3 of the High Water Series: for those familiar with my kung fu zombie horror series, the third book is well on the way to a final version. Artwork is still to come, and the editing is going, albeit very slowly. This one is a monster that I have to slay!
  2. Short stories: My other major project is a short story collection, which is about a third of the way done. The central novella is in editing review, and two other stories are in production. I’ll likely round out the collection with another short story or two. It will premiere right here on Pot Fiction, so grab your lighters and prepare to spark!
  3. Regulatory analysis: A long term goal of mine at the moment is writing up a regulatory analysis of legal marijuana laws. NORML did all the hard work of spelling out where and when you can smoke. I’m actually more interested in the spirit of the laws, though I’m no Montesquieu! I have no clue when I’ll get around to this.
  4. My next novel: The next one will deal with someone trying to solve two problems at once. One problem involves a lot of explosive action, my writing strength. The other problem deals with a weighty scientific issue, not exactly my strength. It’s the latter that is going to take time to parse out through research. But I’ve started it with a burst of writing, which is cool.

Where I am at the moment, though titles are the least of my problems!


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Interview: R.D. Ronald, author of The Elephant Tree and The Zombie Room

This is the first interview we’ve done here on Pot Fiction, and it’s pretty damn exciting!

rdronaldR.D. Ronald, an up and coming crime novelist, is the author of The Elephant Tree and The Zombie Room. We reviewed The Elephant Tree here. It’s a great read. When RD Ronald suggested that we talk some more, Pot Fiction jumped at the opportunity!

You can find R.D. Ronald on Twitter @RDRonaldauthor, Goodreads, Facebook, and Google+.

RW Tucker, Pot Fiction: You’ve mentioned that your own personal experiences influenced your writing. Many people turn their back on their past lives. Within the bounds of what you are comfortable talking about, of course, what made you want to put those experiences to paper?

R.D. Ronald: When I first went to prison I found the expected assortment of horrible individuals that anyone would expect to be in there. What did surprise me, though, were the number of decent people that had been the victim of horrendous circumstances they either reacted to, or took the only option left open to them. While I was inside I read and read and read, as you would expect, but while working my way through numbers of crime thrillers I began to find the plots somewhat tedious and predictable, and in no way reflective of the people I was surrounded by who had, and still were, living out their very own crime thrillers. I decided to put some ideas down on paper, much of it fiction, some very altered experiences I had lived through or heard of, and let it begin to take shape. I wanted the criminality to be reflected in as open a way as I could without vilifying or glamorising the experience. I had no idea how the readers would eventually take this on board, but I was writing the type of book I wanted to read, not seeking out commercial success by trying to please everyone. Through social media rather than backing from a big publisher I have been able to connect with like-minded souls and luckily for me they seem to love it, which has enabled me to carry on exploring my passion for writing. Continue reading

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Sample chapter from HIGH WATER

While I get started on reviewing some books, here’s a sample chapter from my own book. It introduces the main characters, and will give you the general tone. That is, before the action starts! If you like it, here’s the link. Please leave honest reviews if you do buy it!


The box truck moved slowly, back up alarm bleeping, trying to fit into the narrow driveway between two brick duplexes. At the end of the driveway, arms akimbo, Pete watched the truck that was to carry all his possessions make its way slowly down the driveway, back-up alarm now echoing between the buildings. The midday sun was warm and felt good on his skin, but Pete rubbed his beard in apprehension. It had been a long morning. His arms occasionally cramped from the intense workout at the studio, and the rental agency hadn’t been happy about Walter’s last minute arrangements and made Pete put a sizable deposit down.

More confident having made it between the houses, the driver started to accelerate.

“Hey, hey, slow down, man!” Pete yelled up at the truck.

The vehicle lurched to a sudden stop, turning off the grating sound of the back-up alarm. A long black face appeared from the window, clearly annoyed, glancing to the back of the truck. Walter exclaimed, with some frustration, “Dude, I said I got this!”

Continue reading

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My own book series

So time for a little bit of self promotion.

I’m the author of a book series called HIGH WATER.

It’s martial arts meets zombies meets kung fu, and Part 1, short and sweet, can be found here:


Here’s a review from a satisfied reader:

As I was reading through the third chapter of this short book, I was starting to get angry. It just kept reminding me that I’m completely out of weed, and had me desperately scorching the bottom of my caked bowl as I read on. I cannot imagine a more perfect book for a stoner to read, and not just because all the main characters are stoners. It’s also hilarious, full of ridiculously gorey, eye-popping Kung Fu action, a surprisingly believable premise, and characters I swear I know from real life. R. W. Tucker is a talented new writer, and he’s set up a fresh new zombie story that I can’t wait to keep reading.

Right now we’re two books into the series, and I’m working on book three at the moment. It’s a bear, but I’m looking forward to completing the story.

Hope to hear your thoughts on it soon!

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