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[Book Review] The 420 Code

The first question to ask when writing a code is whether it is necessary to write one. One writes codes of conduct when decision paths are unclear, or outcomes are cloudy. Whether it’s Kant’s Categorical Imperative or the Golden Rule, the code of conduct applies to all equally.

You’re probably discussing this and more when someone breaks the bong.

Now what?
The 420 Code is a crowdsourced document published online, and is available in print. Branching off from the reddit weed forum, /r/trees, the code has been relatively popular among those stoners on reddit, that staple of internet conversation. A dollar from every sale goes to the rainforest (https://www.crowdrise.com/420friends).

It reads much like Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet or Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. An unnamed stoner enlightens others with edicts on the nature of weed. Hairy problems of the weed smoker, like talking to the police or dealing with broken glass in a circle of responsible parties, are resolved. The whole thing reads very simply, and some of the lines are memorable. My favorite was the principle of Fun, “for the worst things are done seriously”. Words to live by. The moderator, 5moker, is a very friendly guy and has created a forum dedicated to the book and things spawned from it, such as artwork. www.reddit.com/r/420code/

The entire code is available for free on the website, or in printed form. The cover is a nice material, and the printed version includes some little games for the reader’s entertainment and original art.

Worth a bowl and a read!

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